Goodbye Grade 7


Hello fellow bloggers,

Well, we have come to the end of the school year 🙁 And sadly that also means I’m saying goodbye to my blog… Next year I will be off to high school  but I might come on here once in awhile! I will at least try. I’m really sad to be leaving elementary, I have gone to this school for six years and can’t imagine not being here almost every day! I have had lots of fun running this blog. My favorite part about blogging is having people from all over the world look at my work and giving advice. I think its super cool that you can make connections with people across the world from just a piece of writing. I have learnt about writing techniques, technology and many people and their interests. So for now, I’m saying goodbye. I hope you all have a great summer vacation, or rest of the year depending on where you live. Thanks for being great  readers!

Until next time,

-Livea 🙂



Life Lessons at Camp!

Wow. Just wow. That was amazing! Do you want to know what’s amazing? You wont believe it!… I just jumped off a 30 foot pole! Isn’t that Crazy! Well I just spent three days out at Tribune Bay on Hornby Island with my class and friends from the other grade 6/7 class at our school. We got to do so many incredible things. We did so many fun activities, and well we had fun, we also learned a ton!

One very important thing I learned was about taking risks and not giving up. Taking risks is a very important thing to do in life, at camp there was some great examples of that. I was so proud of myself after all the climbing activities because even when I was struggling I kept going a little bit further every time. Also, some things were terrifying but I took risks and afterwards it felt amazing. At camp they had a moto, ACE. A stands for “accept all levels of ability”, C for “challenge by choice” and E for “encouragement”. I always remembered ACE when I was nervous because it helped me take risks and go further.

Another thing that is a really good lesson is getting enough sleep. At night time in the cabins, yurts, cabanas and anywhere else people slept, the bed time is 10:00 PM. I learned the hard way that if you don’t get enough rest then the next day you can be so tired that it effects your abilities in activities. Your brain wont work properly if you don’t get enough sleep. This is a good life lesson because if you ever have a big day ahead of you and don’t get enough rest, it can really effect what your doing.

“Am I on belay?”. “Can I climb?”. Those are the two questions you have to ask before you start climbing any structure. Asking those questions help ensure you that you are safe to climb, it gives you trust in the people and equipment holding you. Part of all the activities is trusting

and listening to the instructors and team mates. You always have to respectfully listen to your instructor or else you might not be safely climbing. Also to feel safe, you have to know that you are harnessed in and the instructor will not let you fall. Trust is a humongous part of not just camp, but almost everything you do.

In the end, I had such an amazing time at camp, words can’t even explain how much fun I had! I learned to take risks, manage my sleeping time, trust, and many more things. Grade 7 camp will be something I will remember for a long time, and I will apply all those lessons in to life.

My Geo Bunny!


Hey readers!

In our math class right now we are learning geometry. Instead of learning it in a plain way like draw a shape, measure it and original stuff like that, our amazingly creative teacher Ms. Smith came up with a great idea…. making a bunny out of geometric shapes! Part of this project was to make a creative bunny out of shapes (we had to have a certain amount of different types of shapes), measure the perimeter or circumference, area and angles of each shape and write a bunny bio that describes our bunny!

So today I would like to tell you all about my bunny Tabitha…

Tabitha is a highly trained chocolate maker! It just so happens she works for the Easter Bunny! She is the Easter Bunnies personal assistant and she is head of the chocolate factory, that makes all the delicious chocolate you get for Easter! The reason Tabitha makes the best chocolate in the world is because she has a secret recipe that only the Easter Bunny and her know! The recipe is hidden in a little pocket in the T on her bow tie. Unfortunately, I cannot share the information on how to make the chocolate with you but I can guarantee you delicious chocolate next Easter!

I learned lots about geometry in a really fun, creative way. This project was a great idea and I had a lot of fun designing Tabitha my geo bunny.

Have you ever done a fun math project like this?

Thanks for reading!!!


Karen Kain, Prima Ballerina!

Hello everyone!


Carlos Ferreira via Compfight

A few months ago I did a project about an amazing Canadian dancer named Karen Kain. She is probably one of my favourite dancers ever! So I figured I would use all the information I had to make a post for you guys!

Karen Kain is a retired ballet dancer born in Hamilton, Ontario on March 28,1951. She is currently 65 years old. She is the oldest of 4 children and married to Ross Petty a famous Canadian actor. In 1962 Karen started dancing because her mother believed it would improve her posture and discipline. At age 11 she moved to Toronto, Ontario to train at the National Ballet School of Canada. In 1971 at age 20 she became a principal dancer for the National Ballet of Canada (NBC). In 1977 she decided she was going to take a break from dancing but she came back again in 1981. In 1997 she retired from dancing but now works as the Artistic Director of NBC.

Karen is one of Canada’s leading artistic icons. One of her greatest accomplishments was earning the role of the Swan Queen in Swan Lake choreographed by Rudolf Nureyev in 1972. She was partnered with Frank Augustyn. The two dancers were nicknamed “The Gold Dust Twins”.

Here are some of Karen’s Awards and Achievements. In 1989 CBC made a documentary about her called “Karen Kain, Prima Ballerina”.  In 1998 she was a Canada’s walk of fame inductee. 2002 she won the Governor General’s Performing Arts Lifetime Artistic Achievement Award. 2008 In Etobicoke, Ontario, a art based middle school re-named it after her, “Karen Kain School of Arts”. And finally in 2012 she was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. She has had many more achievements in her lifetime but those were some of her greatest.

Karen Kain has some really great, inspiring quotes. Here are a few, “Talent will only take you so far, it’s your ability to feel the music and explore a movement that will bring you the greatest pleasure in dance”, “Treasure the things about you that make you different and unique” and “Dancers, like all performing artists, like nothing better than to be challenged”.

Thank you for reading my post about Karen Kain. I hope you enjoyed it because I think she is very inspiring and an incredible dancer. Do you have any people that inspire you?


Proofread by Andrea:)

The ABCs Of Me!

Can you see 'Me'?

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Hi readers!

Today I got to write a fun post for the Student Blogging Challenge, The ABCs Of Me! I think you’ll understand the concept once you start reading. I hope you learn some new facts about me, enjoy:)

I can’t eats Apples whole, because I have really hurtful, annoying,  Braces. I love going Camping but, I love Dancing even more! I dance pretty much every single day! I’m not very Enthusiastic about Fish, I think they’re Gross! Hunger Games and Harry Potter are my all time favorite books. Harry Potter was written by the most Incredible author ever, Joanne Kathleen Rowling.  My name is Livea (which you probably already know). Mustard is my second least favorite food, I’ve ever tried. I absolutely do Not like listening to Opera music (sorry to anyone that does). Remember when I said mustard was my second least favorite food? Well Pickles are my first! I just can’t stand the sour taste of them! I’am a citizen of Smarthlandia which is run by the lovely, incredible Queen Smith. Two of my favorite activities to do on my spare time are Reading and Swimming. My favorite animal is a Turtle, I have a giant, Unique collection of little turtle figures. I love to play Volleyball, it’s my favorite sport. Except I’m a little competitive when I play, I really like to Win! I have never had an X-ray because I have never had a broken bone or been seriously injured. Honestly I find Yoga pretty boring, Its much to Zen for me.

I hope you enjoyed my ABCs Of Me Post!

Come back soon for more exiting blog posts!


Proofread by: Kassidy , Eli and my mom!

My Cupid Trap

February 14, 2017

Dear Diary,

So, today is Valentines day and I’m stuck at home baby sitting my annoying little brother all day, while my friends get to go out places and eat lots and lots of delicious chocolate. Valentines day is supposed to be full of love, and don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my brother but not so much when he is screaming and crying because he wants candy, but I would much rather be out having fun then stuck at home with my 2 year old brother.

I was watching TV and a show came on about cupid spreading love all around the world  and suddenly I got an idea. I would build a trap and capture cupid. I gathered materials from   around my house (mostly my brothers Lego blocks) and started to build. Lucky for me robotics is my favorite subject in school so I was exited for this project.

The first thing I did was make a base made out of Lego with a cave over top. I added wheels to it in case I need to drive it around. Once the structure was done I added some decor to it. The structure was done but I needed to figure out a way to attract cupid, so I ran back to the TV and found out from the “love experts” (that’s what the show was called) that cupid loves candy and shiny, red,  love flags. I used the nicest red fabric I could find, and made a flag for  the top of the trap. Next I ran upstairs and took one of my favorite pieces of candy I’ve  been stashing  in my room. The trap was almost complete, all I had to do was add a trap door and a sensor to shut it when cupid came in.

My trap was finished! Now all I had to do was wait for cupid to come and give me love! This is how my trap worked. First cupid would see the shiny, red love flag and come into the structure. Then he would smell the delicious candy inside the trap. As soon as he jumps forward into the trap and passes the camera, the  sensor shuts the door and we have cupid!

So, I left the trap out on the dining room table then went back to play with my brother and wait for cupid to come. 3 hours later I checked the trap. “Oh no!” the trap was opened and the candy was gone! Although I felt a tingly feeling in my stomach… It was love! I turned around and there was cupid, holding my candy and sprinkling love dust everywhere! But in only a few seconds cupid was out the door, going to give other people love.

Well I guess cupids love was to strong for my trap, but at the end of the day I was full of love so it all worked out.


Happy Valentines Day!


Things to do This Winter!

Christmas balls

Katrinitsa via Compfight

Well, its this time of year again. Snow, Christmas trees, lights, family, joy, you just can’t get enough of it!

This winter there is lots of things I’m planning to do that you should try too! There are lots of great things to do here in the Comox Valley and tons of other places too, so here are some things I recommend to do this winter…

  • Skating: Lucky for us we have a great skating rink here in Comox that is super fun to go to with your friends and family! Although you can go to the skating rink all year round, I most enjoy going around this time of year.
  • Snowboarding/Tobogganing/Skiing: Snowboarding, tobogganing and skiing are really fun to do if you have enough snow. Here we have lots of mountains that are covered with snow right now so its super fun to go up and spend the day doing that!
  • Just playing in the snow!: If you live in a place where you get some snow, sometimes just going outside and building a snowman or having a snowball fight (exc.) can be one of the best things to do!
  • Family movie: One of my favourite things to do around winter is lie down on the couch with my family, put on a good old Christmas movie and drink some hot chocolate!
  • Polar Bear swim: Here we have a fundraiser the Valley does every year. It’s the day after Christmas a bunch of volunteers come to to the beach and swim in freezing cold water! My dad and I do this every year. Its really fun because part of the action is wearing a crazy costume! Usually people only run in and dunk then everyone is out within 20 seconds.
  • Christmas baking: My Grandma does a lot of baking (especially around Christmas) so I always help her. We make plenty of delicious things like cookies, pies, brownies and lots more!

I hope you have a couple of things do this winter now 🙂 What are your favourite things to do this time of year?

Keep calm and blog on! ~Livea

How we Saved the World!


It was a normal day in Comox. I went to school in the morning like always. My best friends, Kassidy, Lyric and I all met up in our classroom right after the bell rang for us to go inside. We talked and shared stories about our weekends like we do every Monday morning. Our teacher walked into the room and we ran back to our desks. Everyone at Brooklyn was having a great day… Until lunch time.

We sat in the classrooms watching the clock slowly pass time. We waited and waited to go outside for what felt like hours but was really only a few minutes. 59, 58, 57, I counted down the seconds until the bell rang and I could run around on the field with my friends. 5, 4, 3, 2…

“AAGHH!” the class screamed.

I was so busy watching the clock that I didn’t know what happened. I ran to Kassidy’s desk. “What happened!” I gasped.

“I’m not exactly sure,” she said. “Someone dressed as a zombie or something jumped out in front of the window.”

Lyric came over. “I’m sure it’s just a prank.” she claimed.

“Yea probably,” Kassidy and I agreed.

We looked around. “I don’t think this is a prank,” I slowly said. Children were running around the school screaming and crying while the teachers tried to calm them down, but they just made it worse.

An announcement came on. “Everyone please stay calm, your parents are on their way to pick you up. Until then, lock the doors, turn off the lights and make NO noise!” our principal said in a very worried voice. Everyone started rushing back to class.

My class sat in the corner of the room in lockdown position. It was so quiet you couldn’t even hear a pin drop. Something started banging on the door. The next thing you know there were zombies running after all our classmates. Luckily for me my friends are super smart and came up with a plan.

“Follow me!” Lyric whispered. We had no time to question her because half of the class had already been turned into zombies! We quickly followed Lyric. She lead us to a storage room across the hall from our class where it was safe to talk.

She explained her plan. “Ok, first we will gather supplies from here and make armour and swords in case we get attacked, then we sneak up to the science lab and create a potion that turns zombies back into humans, then finally we go out and save the world!”

“That sounds like a lot of work,” Kassidy mentioned.

“Yea wouldn’t it be easier if we just ran home?” I suggested.

“Trust me,” said Lyric, “I know what I’m talking about.” Lyric is very smart so we decided to go along with her plan.

Step 1:We searched around for any materials we could find that would work to make armour and swords. We emptied out lots of cardboard boxes and cut them into shapes of shields. Next we used the same material but a bit stronger to make swords. One of the boxes we emptied was full of glitter, paint, stickers and lots of craft supplies so we decorated our armour.

Step 2: We sneaked out of the supply room as sly as we could be. As we walked up the stairs, Kassidy fell and twisted her ankle. Lyric and I ran to help her get up. It looked like she slipped on some sort of zombie brain! Once we reached the science lab we started mixing together a whole bunch of  different ingredients. We had about 10 bottles each of potions we created in little bags we found. There were some weird combinations like mushrooms, root beer and grass! Once we were satisfied with our creations we had to risk our lives testing them out.

Step 3: This was the hard part. We rushed down stairs to find hundreds of zombies crowded in the staff room. At first none of them noticed so Kassidy went along and threw her first potion at them. They all turned around. It was terrifying. Slowly they stretched out their arms and walked towards us. We all madly tossed our potions at them until we only had one container of potion left each. This was our last hope. If none of them worked we would become zombies and never turn back to humans.

On the count of three we all chucked our last potion at them. Whoosh. The bags flew through the air and all landed on top of each other. They exploded in front of the zombies and splashed all over the room. One by one the zombies started transforming back to their regular selves. The students and teachers were all humans again!

“We did it!” Kassidy, Lyric and I all turned towards each other and shouted at the same time. Everyone crowded around us and thanked us for saving them.

The next month Kassidy, Lyric and I all were awarded one million dollars for being so amazing and saving the world! We were so proud of ourselves for creating potions that transform zombies back to people!

I hope you enjoyed my story!


How Long Is Your Dab?


Hello readers!

Lately our class has been learning about data sets and data points in math class. Have you learned about data sets? We organize our data by finding the mean, median, mode and range of the data set.

Our class was split into groups of about 3 or 4 people. Each group got to decide on an experiment to do on our class mates. My group  Daniel, Brooklyn, Lane and I chose to do the length of our classmates dabs as our inquiry question. Here is how we did it…


All we needed for our equipment was a meter stick!


Use a meter stick to measure the length of each others dabs. We round the number off to the nearest whole number if needed to. We measure from the tip of your elbow to the end of the longest finger.

Control Standards:

Your nose must touch the inside of your elbow on the arm that’s bent. Your other arm has to be straight and aliened with your shoulder.


I predicted that the average length of dabs would be around 90 cm. I thought that the lengths would range somewhere between 70cm-110cm.

Our Data:

after the experiment we had to organize our data. This is what we found out.

76, 82, 85, 87, 88, 89, 91, 91, 91, 91, 92, 93, 93, 95, 96, 102 , 103, 106, 110, 117
Range: 117-76= 41 cm.
Median: 91+92= 183÷2= 91.5 cm.
Mode: 91 cm.
Mean: 1878÷20= 94

Analysis Of Data:

Outliers: There are no outliers in this data set.

Measure of central tendency: I think the best way to measure the data is the mean and mode. The mean shows the mathematical average of the data set. The mode shows the most commonly used  data point. Thats why I think mean and mode are important.


My predictions were pretty accurate but not 100% on. I predicted the mathematical average would be around 90 cm, the actual results was 94 cm so I was super close.

Thanks for reading my post about data analysis. Hopefully you learned about how to measure and record dab lengths, because its very important to know!





Emergency Preparedness

Pippa by CandlelightCreative Commons License

Lori L. Stalteri via Compfight

Hello everyone!

Lately our class has been learning about emergency preparedness and what to do in an emergency. There are many types of emergencies people need to be prepared for, like earthquakes, tsunamis, power outages, floods, wild fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, landslides and more. Where I live the most common emergencies are storms that cause power outages. Usually the power outages only last for a little bit though. Earth quakes, fires and floods happen quite commonly here as well. We are lucky in the Comox Valley to rarely get big disasters. They are mostly small and there is very little damage done. But just because in Comox we don’t often get big emergencies that is not a reason to not be prepared. You never know what or when something will happen. No matter where you are you must be prepared for the emergencies that happen near your home.

Here is a list of things you should have to keep you safe from an earthquake or power outage.

  • Flashlight
  • Water
  • Food (non-perishable like canned fruit)
  • Warm clothing (Jacket, gloves, socks etc.)
  • A device (if you have one)
  • Money (if you need to evacuate the building)
  • First aid kit
  • And you always need to have a plan

Those are just things for the emergencies I should prepare for but it might be different for you depending on where you live and what natural disasters happen in your community. What emergencies occur most where you live?