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P.S this is definitely not the size of my plane.
P.S this is definitely not the size of my plane.

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Welcome to my first blog post!


Last year at a competition in Comox called NIFPA (North Island Festival of Performing Arts) I was invited to go as an alternate to Fort St. John for the British Columbia performing arts provincial competition. I was so happy, because I got to go with two of my best friends and even more because I would get to go on my first airplane! It was they day we were leaving, I was so excited but kind of nervous at the same time. We got on a small plane filled with all people from my dance studio and only a few other passengers. I got to sit beside my friend Kaitlyn. The plane ride was incredible! Everyone and everything looked to tiny and I felt a giant!. Looking down at the mountains, sitting in a warm comfortable chair, playing games with my friend, it was all so fun and amazing.
When we got to Fort St. John  we took a shuttle bus straight to our really nice hotel. Once we got settled in we went out with all the people from my dance studio (about 10 kids and 7 parents) and explored the town. It’s very flat, dry and cold but it was still really nice there! Later we all went out and had dinner together.
The next day the competition started. I did not perform until the last day but I did workshops every other day. Since my friends and I were all there for different styles of dance, we didn’t have any workshops together. The first workshop was a contemporary one. There were lots of people from age 11 to age 18. I didn’t know anyone but I met a girl named Brielle when we were asked to partner up. She was the only other 11 year old there and came all the way from Prince George.
On our last day there I finally got to perform my jazz solo. It went very well, in fact I  think it was the best time I ever did it! It was really fun to watch all of my friends dance too and cheer them on from backstage and the audience.

The next morning sadly we had to leave. We had to wake up at 3:00 AM for our flight! I was so tired I fell asleep on the plane. Even though it was really fun there, I was glad to be home. Overall, it was a great experience and I’m hoping to go to the next provincial competition in Kamloops this upcoming year.
Thanks for reading. Have you ever been to Fort St. John? Or been to any type of provincial competition?


10 thoughts on “Provincials

  1. Great story Livea – I didn’t even know how much fun you had on your trip. I have been to Fort St. John many years ago, and yes I have been in provincials – in soccer and basketball!

    1. Hi dad,
      I didn’t know you went to provincials for soccer! I would love to know more about it.
      Have a good day.

  2. I am so glad you finally got to go on a plane! This year the Provincails are in Kamloops, then the year after that Victoria so you will be taking a car!!!

  3. Hello, Livea

    I think it’s amazing you got in a provincial competition! I’ve been in a provincial competition but not as close to as special as yours. I just noticed an incorrect thing, in “I felt a giant!” I think you missed “like”. I’ve never been to Fort St. George, is it nice there? What was your favorite part of the trip?

    1. Hi Theo,
      Thank you for your correction! I will definitely fix that. Fort St. John Is a really beautiful place to go most times of the year, but when I went it wasn’t the greatest place. It was very dry and all the roads were cracked up. The leaves fell off of all the trees (even though there wasn’t many) and the weather was mostly poor. Although some times it was very sunny it was always windy and sometimes rainy.
      My favorite part of the trip was getting to perform. The stage was so big. It was kind of scary though because there was so many people watching. What type of provincial competition did you attend?

  4. Hi, Im Maddie, Im from Mrs.Kresies class in Austin,Texas. Im part of the #16stubc. I really liked this story but I just can’t believe that you’ve only been on a plane once! I go on a plane like 4 times a year. I was wondering if you like to ski or snow board? I doesn’t snow in austin so we have to go to a different state to go snowboarding or skiing. I like to snowboard. I really want to move to Canada, It seems to much more awesome than america. There’s this really striped person named Donald Trump that might become our president. So that’s one reason i want to move there. But ive never accually been to Canada befor.

    Could you check out my blog? Here’s the link.

    1. Hi Maddie,
      Wow, four times a year that would be fun! Do you enjoy plane rides? I do like skiing and snowboarding. Every winter my family and I go up a mountain where we do all sorts of fun things in the snow like tobogganing, skiing, snowboarding and even just playing around making snow angels and forts. Here in Canada we are lucky to get quite a bit of snow in the winters. I have never been to the states before (as you probably know because I’ve only been on a plane once). I have always wanted to visit America though. I have heard lots about Donald Trump. Almost everyone here knows and talks about him. If you could vote would you vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

  5. Hello Livea,
    That is really cool that you got invited to go dance in a competition in Fort St. John. It sounds like you had a really great time. Its cool that you got to do some workshops while you were over there. Its also really awesome that you got to go on your first plane ride! I’m glad you had fun.

    1. Hi Kassidy,
      Thank you for coming to my blog. It was so much fun! I read your post about the Whitecaps game and thought that was really cool. I would for sure like to hear more about that experience. Have you been to any big soccer tournaments?

      1. Hi Livea,
        Yes, I have being to many big soccer tournaments. I’ve being to to lots in Vancouver. I’ve also being to some in Victoria. I am looking forward to writing more about my experience.

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